How to configure a webmail

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How to configure a webmail

Postby Niko » 10 months ago

How to configure a webmailTutorial

📚 Description
Private messages is a dedicated application that allows administrators and members to communicate on a personal space.
Note that this option is restricted within your brand accounts; for this reason, messages to external members or to members of another brand account are not permitted.

🖼️ The User-Interface
To open the webmail service, click on the "Webmail"application in your sidebar. A configuration page will open.
In this first form, you need to include:
  • Name: a custom name to identify your account
  • Mail address: by default you see your personal email address. Here you need to provide the email address you want to set up.
  • Password
After that, click on Manual configuration to set up the mail servers of the domain where the email address is hosted. You will need:
  1. IMAP server address
  2. IMAP server port
  3. IMAP encryption type (SSL/TLS/None)
  4. SMPT server address
  5. SMPT server port
  6. SMPT encryption type (SSL/TLS/None)
Once done, click on connect and everything will be set up!

📧 How to configure multiple email address ?
Simply click on "Settings" from the sidebar menu, and then click on Add mail account
⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts

C Compose new message
K or <- Newer message
J or -> Older message
S Toggle star
U Toggle unread
Del Delete
Ctrl + F Search
Ctrl + Enter Send
R Refresh

🔎 Troubleshooting
If you can not access your Gmail account use to unlock your account.

If you can not access your account try to enable the 'Two-Factor Verification' ( and set up an app password (, which you then use for the Mail app.

Dovecot IMAP
If your Dovecot IMAP server prefixes all folders with INBOX, our Mail app does not work correctly.
Contact our support team to find a solution.

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