Management of profiles and assignations

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Management of profiles and assignations

Postby Niko » 7 months ago

Management of profiles and assignationsTutorial

The Management of profiles and assignations application is a sub-feature of Manage memberships that allows to create new profiles, customize the permissions and assign profiles. This is basically the core-system to grant or revoke permissions to the different applications.
This feature is only accessible for boards having subscribed to the package Business and Enterprise

👤 Permissions
This application is accessible to the founder, to department leaders and to the members that have been assigned to a profile where the option "Management of profiles and assignations:" is enabled.

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🖼️ The User-Interface
The service can be found in the sidebar menu under the voice "Administration". Once opened, it shows this interface:


From this page, we can continue in three different ways:
  1. Creating a new profile
  2. Editing a current profile to revoke/grant some permissions
  3. Search an account and change his/her profile

1. Creating a new profile

The permission to create new profiles is reserved to the members with access to the Manage Memberships application.

In case that you want to create a new profile, you simply need to click on the Profile registration button and provide the required information.
  • ID Code
    this is the identifier of your profile. It is required that it is different than any other profile ID.

  • ID Name
    This will be the label that will help you to recognize the profile and the rank that will be visible on the members' profiles. It can be the same of another one, but this is highly not recommended

  • Descritpion
    this is optional. Only a simple field to leave some notes.


Once created, you will be redirected to the edition page where you can customize the permissions.

Note that the submittion of the form will generate a default profile with the specified information.
The operator will be in charge of its customization and eventual assignation.

2. Editing a profile
On the edition page, you can see two different tabs: Manage and Assigned members.

The first allows you to customizable all the existing services, in terms of permissions; the second tab shows you a list of all the members assigned to that specific profile.


If a profile is edited, all the members with that profile will see the modification of permissions. If you grant administrative permissions in a profile, all the members will benefit of this update.

3. Update/Assign a profile
From this application, it is possible to assign/update a profile, same as for Manage Memberships.
The difference is that here you cannot update the department, and a profile cannot be assigned if it grants administrative permissions. Of course, Manage Memberships service is dedicated to the management team, while this is dedicated to departments and groups.

🔎 Troubleshooting

I can't find one account from the search form, why?
Be sure to check that the member has already created an account for human resources, or if someone registered it.

I have already assigned a department and a profile, but the member cannot access some services. Why?
In order to access some services, it is required that the human resources account has been recognized by an authorized member. To do this, simply go to Data > Management of personal data, recognition and registration of users, look for the human resources account and recognize it.a

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