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Support forum: Login with OpenStudio

Postby Leeloo » 10 months ago

Support forum: Login with OpenStudioSupport
Hello everyone!

This is just a short announcement because you may have noticed a new button in the login sections :roll:

It is a new special feature that we worked on. This option, will allow you to connect on the support forum with your OpenStudio account!
Thanks to this method, if you are logged in the client area, and you want to have a look in our support forum, you can have an automatic login without any ID or password!

:idea: :idea: edit: A tutorial is now available to connect the accounts. You can find it here:

At the moment we are still working on the system to connect your accounts (that will be available in the next days), but we will keep you updated on everything, so... stay tuned :lol:

And it's everything for the moment ;)

OpenStudio team.
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