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Share your ideas and suggestions to our technical team: It will be a pleasure to read your topics and work for you

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Explanation: suggestions

Postby Soon » 1 year ago

Explanation of suggestions sectionRULES
Hello there,

OoenStudio.One has decided to give all its customers the opportunity to make proposals to improve our service. The board is in continuous evolution thanks to our ideas in order to provide the best service ever and to supply all the possible needs.

In this section you are allowed to submit your suggestions, but we require you to follow some guidelines.

  • Please, Open one topic for each suggestion you have
  • A poll is not required, but appreciated. Other members will be able to express their opinion about its utility
  • Please, check if the suggestion has already been submitted
  • Do not BUMP too much your topic: we always check this section, and there is no need to do that
Anyway, note that even if we try to accept 99% of submitted suggestions, it is possible that we refuse some (due to technical reasons or different).

The technical team reserves itself the possibility to refuse suggestions.
Thanks for your help and availability,
YOUR OpenStudio.One team
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