OpenAuth: Login using OpenStudio

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OpenAuth: Login using OpenStudio

Postby Niko » 9 months ago

OpenAuth: Login using OpenStudioTutorial
This option allows members to login the support forum using their account on the main website. This integration gives you the possibility to simply click on a button on the login page, to sign-in.

Settings & Configuration
The configuration couldn't be easier and quicker!
  1. Login your client area and clickon your username in the toolbar to go to Edit profile
  2. Under Connect accounts, select the application "OpenStudio - Support forum"
  3. Fill-in the username you use on the support forum
    openauth_2.PNG (11.1 KiB) Viewed 727 times
  4. Once done, and if the username is accepted, you need to login the support forum and open your User Control Panel > Profile
  5. From the Profile Tab, copy the value of the Connection token field; remember to not modify or remove the content.
  6. Finally, paste the token in the last field and submit
    openauth_5.PNG (9.67 KiB) Viewed 727 times
The system is not correctly set-up and you can use the OpenStudio login right away! :D

Usage & FAQs

How to login the support forum ?
You can simply click on the button Login with OpenStudio and you are in :D

The forum says that I am not logged in, why?
In order to connect on the forum, you need to have an active session on the client area.
Do the login and try again.

The forum says that my accounts aren't connect, why?
This means that you haven't already connected the accounts. Check the "Settings & Configuration" section of this tutorial.

I want to remove the connection, how?
Please, open a request in our support forum and we will remove it for you!

Once enabled, can I use the normal login method?
Of course, it is just an additional method for the login process.

Under ACP > Forum integration I do not see my profile, why?
The system is still in development, so your account may not be displayed here. If so, open a request in our support sections.

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