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Manage memberships

Postby Niko » 6 months ago

Manage membershipsTutorial

The Manage memberships application is a feature that allows to define the main department and the profile of an account. This feature is only accessible for boards having subscribed to the package Business and Enterprise

👤 Permissions
This application is accessible to the founder and to the members that have been assigned to a profile where the option "Manage memberships" is enabled. To enable this option for a member, be sure that his profile has access to this option (Administration > Manage profiles & assignations).

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🖼️ The User-Interface
The service can be found in the sidebar menu under the voice "Administration". Once opened, it shows this interface:


From this form, it is possible to select and look for the accounts we want to manage according to different information (Username, Name/Surname, Personal code, etc..)
Please Note that you will be able to find only accounts for human resources that have been registered by a staff member or by the member itself.


Clicking on the personal code of the desired member, we will see a new page with:
  • A summary of his/her personal information
  • A form where it is possible to assign the department and the profile chosen
  • A list of all the department where the user is Responsible, Manager or member


🔎 Troubleshooting

I can't find one account from the search form, why?
Be sure to check that the member has already created an account for human resources, or if someone registered it.

I have already assigned a department and a profile, but the member cannot access some services. Why?
In order to access some services, it is required that the human resources account has been recognized by an authorized member. To do this, simply go to Data > Management of personal data, recognition and registration of users, look for the human resources account and recognize it.

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